AIL International provides professional engineering & earth science consultants

AIL International provides professional engineering & earth science consultants

Who we are

AIL International is a tailored sub-consultant provider, with an established network of dependable, professional consultants and contractors. AIL’s team has a permanent presence in Qatar and Oman, but offer consultancy on projects worldwide.

Our Timeline

1980’s AIL History

How does AIL International help businesses to grow?

Are you in need of consultation on your hydrology, hydrogeology, geology or civil engineering project? You can avoid the hiring process by enlisting AIL’s consultancy services, giving you more time to focus on other priorities.

Our Clients

AIL handled the project professionally and to our satisfaction. We certainly have no reservation in recommending AIL.

ACWA Power

AIL exceeded our expectations in the delivery of the project. The deadlines were met, and the reporting and presentation were extremely detailed and informative.

National Mineral Water Oman

The day to day support provided by AIL has proved to be especially beneficial. OOCEP has subsequently extended the contract with AIL to provide supervision and technical evaluation services.

Oman Oil Company Exploration & Production

We would like to thank AIL for the excellent quality of work, which ensured on-time project completion, achieving all of the objectives in the project scope.

Al Fairuz Mining

Why choose AIL International

Save time and admin
AIL finds professional personnel for your specific contract requirements so you don’t need to go through the hiring process. Avoid the time-consuming endeavour of interviewing candidates so you have more time to focus on other priorities.

Tailored Services

AIL can provide short, medium or long-term contractors, or CVs for bidding purposes, to fit with your corporate governance requirements. For independents requiring staff for a project, but without the resources, we can offer exclusive agency agreements, including profit-sharing options.

Peace of mind

All candidates are vetted by our panel of experts so you can rest assured that the staff AIL provides are qualified, competent and professional. With a database of top-tier candidates, our team quickly fills your job requirements.

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